Our mission:

Free of charge legal assistance for foreigners as

a guarantee of human rights.


The project is co-funded by the "Internal Affairs" Programme implemented under the Norwegian Funds for 2014 - 2021. Programme is at the disposal of the Minister of Interior and Administration.


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Helsińska Fundacja Praw Człowieka

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Legal assistance

The project consists in providing free of charge information and legal assistance to refugees and migrants in Poland


As part of the "Safe Home" project, lawyers from the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights and the Halina Nieć Legal Aid Center provide free legal assistance to people applying for international protection (refugee status) in Poland. Legal assistance covers persons staying in open centers for asylum seekers, those staying in private accommodation and those placed in detention centers.


 Legal assistance includes:


- procedure for granting international protection

- Dublin III procedure

- detention cases.


The "Safe Home" project provides free legal assistance for foreigners from non-EU countries (third-country nationals and stateless persons), staying in Poland on the basis of valid residence permits, adressing the organization in order to regulate issues related to life in Poland.


Refugees from Ukraine

As part of the "Safe Home" project activities, the lawyers also provide free of charge information and legal assistance to persons who came to Poland after February 23, 2022 and are covered by the provisions of the Act on providing assistance to citizens of Ukraine, as well as to persons without Ukrainian citizenship who came from Ukraine and were covered by temporary protection in Poland due to the ongoing armed conflict.

Free legal assistance in the service of human rights


• Free legal information for migrants and refugees, as well as refugees from Ukraine


• Free legal assistance including lawyer support in refugee proceedings and other issues related to stay in Poland


• Free training and information materials, including videos.

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Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights:


Tel: (48) 22 556 44 40

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e-mail: refugees[at]hfhr.pl


Telephone contact: Monday to Friday from: 10.00 - 14.00


Halina Nieć Legal Aid Center:
Tel: (48) 693 390 502
e-mail: porady[at]pomocprawna.org
Telephone contact: Monday to Friday from: 9.00 - 15.00