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Due to recent political events in the countries neighboring the Republic of Poland, questions about the Polish travel document have intensified. In this article, we explain what a Polish travel
A person applying for refugee status in Poland may be sent to one of two types of centers for foreigners for the duration of their application: open or guarded. They
W ramach projektu "Bezpieczny dom" CPPHN świadczy bezpłatną pomoc prawną dla osób ubiegających się o udzielenie ochrony międzynarodowej. W ramach tego działania, prawniczki CPPHN odwiedzają ośrodki otwarte dla cudzoziemców w
Foreigners applying for international protection in Poland may stay in open centers if they lack their own financial resources, or in private accommodation, renting and paying for it on general

Our mission:

Free of charge legal assistance for foreigners as

a guarantee of human rights.


The project is co-funded by the "Internal Affairs" Programme implemented under the Norwegian Funds for 2014 - 2021. Programme is at the disposal of the Minister of Interior and Administration.


in project related matters: 


Helsińska Fundacja Praw Człowieka

ul. Wiejska 16 00-490 Warszawa

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Legal assistance

Safe Home Project:

Free of charge legal assistance for foreigners

and support to institutions

"Safe Home" Project is a joint initiative of Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights, Halina Niec Legal Aid Cetenter and UNHCR Poland. This project is funded by Norway Funds.

We provide free legal assistance and legal information to foreigners in Poland, especially those seeking international protection: asylum seekers and refugees. Contact us to receive legal assistance!

We offer free trainings to govenmental institutions, law enforcement agencies, lawyers and students of law. Read more about the topics of our trainings and contact us for more information!

As part of Project activities we have prepared a set of information materials about rights and obligations of foreginers and migration law. Check out the available formats!

Our mission:

Free of charge legal assistance for foreigners as

a guarantee of human rights.

Our Statistics

Project "Safe Home" timeline is:

1st May 2023 - 31st December 2023


Project team includes:

4 HNLAC lawyers and 2 HFHR lawyers

So far we have provided 3186 legal consultations

to Project beneficiaries

Our legal support is available in:

2 guarded centers for foreginers and
6 open refugee centers